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Sports Talk Center

Enjoy the Sports Talk Center podcast. Your host, Brian Goodwin, tries to inform listeners of the latest and most relevant stories in the sports world. If you like the podcast, please click over to the Sports Talk Center blog at to read posts and articles written by Brian.

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Feb 26, 2021

On today's show, Brian looks at The Athletic's story on Russell Wilson's unhappiness in Seattle and what's next -- and why this story shouldn't just be glossed over. Plus, we dive into our next installment of Scouting from the Couch, as Brian looks at the tight end position in the draft.

Feb 24, 2021

On today's show, Brian opens with some thoughts on the Deshaun Watson Sweepstakes -- who's the favorite to land the superstar and why certain teams shouldn't be totally ruled out yet. Then, we roll into Brian's second Mock Draft.

Feb 22, 2021

On today's show, Brian predicts what Vegas will set the over/under team win totals at for the 2021 NFL season. We examine the AFC and NFC North divisions. Plus, Brian takes us through his detailed You Tube scouting of the running back prospects in the upcoming NFL Draft.

Feb 19, 2021

On today's show, Brian reacts to the Carson Wentz deal before diving into some other NFL headlines, including how Urban Meyer takes being a scumbag to a new level. Then, we jump into our second installment of "Half-Assed Scouting from the Couch" -- quarterbacks.

Feb 17, 2021

With the NBA set to announce All-Star starters on Thursday, Brian gives you his starters and reserves for both the East and the West. We discuss why Jaylen Brown should be a starter, why Ben Simmons is a no-brainer reserve, and Chris Paul's impact on the Suns. Plus much more!