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Sports Talk Center

Enjoy the Sports Talk Center podcast. Your host, Brian Goodwin, tries to inform listeners of the latest and most relevant stories in the sports world. If you like the podcast, please click over to the Sports Talk Center blog at to read posts and articles written by Brian.

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Feb 28, 2019

On today's show, Brian analyzes ten top storylines to watch in the final 20 games of the NBA season. Can the Bucks be beaten in the East? Will the Nuggets catch the Warriors for the number-1 seed out West? Which superstar can vault up the MVP ladder the most? And who's going to be in the best position to select Zion at...

Feb 26, 2019

On today's show, Brian breaks down his 3 All-NBA teams and discusses the interesting candidates, both on and off the teams.

Feb 24, 2019

On our weekend show, Champ stops by to talk about the wild NFL offseason. The guys jump all over the Antonio Brown saga and discuss where he should go and could go and what it all means for the Steelers. Next, Brian and Champ debate the merits of John Elway the GM and his search to find his quarterback in Denver. Then...

Feb 22, 2019

The NBA seems to have gotten out of control with all the drama. On today's show, we look at the separate -- but related -- dramas in New Orleans with Anthony Davis and in Boston with Kyrie Irving. Then Brian runs through his NBA MVP Power Rankings, 2nd Edition.

Feb 15, 2019

We wrap up the week by talking about the absolute tear that Paul George has been on, as the Oklahoma City Thunder keep winning. Where does PG sit among the top MVP candidates? And how's he managed all this while playing alongside Russell Westbrook? Then, we move to the NFL and discuss the Joe Flacco to Denver...