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Sports Talk Center

Enjoy the Sports Talk Center podcast. Your host, Brian Goodwin, tries to inform listeners of the latest and most relevant stories in the sports world. If you like the podcast, please click over to the Sports Talk Center blog at to read posts and articles written by Brian.

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Jul 28, 2018

Brian examines 15 fantasy players to watch this season.

Jul 27, 2018

Taylor Lewan gets a big new contract. This deal opens the door for Jake Matthews and the Falcons. It also illustrates Tennessee's commitment to building that roster the right way. In Miami, the Dolphins change the culture in an attempt to turn some losses into wins in 2018. And we'll examine the return of Ryan...

Jul 26, 2018

NFL teams are practicing and some big names are absent. Brian looks at the contract situations with Earl Thomas, Khalil Mack, and Aaron Donald. We also dive into 3 other news items: Lamar Jackson in Ravens camp, Matt Nagy's impact in Chicago, and two pieces of the recent Jimmy G. interview that were of note.

Jul 24, 2018

Brian touches on the Julio Jones holdout from Falcons training camp and Tiger's return to the British Open. Then, we talk about NBA Free Agency wrapping up, Isaiah Thomas opening up about Boston, the Lakers latest head-scratching signing, and some final thoughts on Kawhi.

Jul 22, 2018

NFL training camps are opening so we're talking NFL!! Champ's in and we talk the Le'Veon Bell contract saga and who's right: Bell or the Steelers? We also debate some fantasy football selections in a segment called "My Guys" -- guys we like, maybe for irrational reasons. Then we dive into all 32 NFL teams and run...